2016 Challenge results published

, Toni Heittola

DCASE2016 challenge results have been published.

The main results are presented in task description pages. In addition to this, there are result pages with extended results and submission information. Direct links to the results pages can be found below.

Please update your technical reports and send them by 15th of August to dcasechallenge@gmail.com. If your technical report presents multiple systems, please indicate clearly which system was submitted. Include in your report the performance of the system on development dataset and evaluation dataset, as well as performance of baseline system on both datasets:

  • Task 1: accuracy
  • Task 2: segment-based ER and F1
  • Task 3: segment-based ER and F1
  • Task 4: EER

In order to encourage reproducibility of research, you are strongly encouraged to share your code. You may do so by sharing it yourself on your webpage or through a code repository and sending us a link to add in the information tables, or we can host it for you if you send it as a zip file.

Updated technical reports will be published after 15th of August.

If any author or system information in the tables with extended results is incorrect, please send the correction to dcasechallenge@gmail.com.