Call for Expressions of Interest in joining the DCASE Steering Group

, Steering Group

This is a public call for Expressions of Interest in joining the DCASE Steering Group.

The DCASE Steering Group (SG) which has made decisions about DCASE workshop locations, DCASE Challenge tasks and other important DCASE matters has operated with the same line up for quite some time. The SG is now organizing its renewal by asking community members who are interested in becoming SG members to submit their expressions of interest. The responsibilities of the SG include organizing the selection of DCASE tasks and workshops based on public calls of proposals, giving feedback to DCASE task and workshop organizers to ensure their high quality, and providing steering in any other DCASE-related matters.

The SG members will be selected for a period of three years, and includes one student member position (a candidate needs to be a student at the time of submitting an expression of interest). The SG members are expected to do decision-making to support the DCASE values (reproducible open science, development of the DCASE community, broadening participation) without any remuneration from the community. In the past, the SG has operated by having a couple of teleconference meetings every year, plus offline discussions. The new SG may come up with new practices as the community evolves, but this is the expected amount of work that will be needed.

Those who are interested in becoming members of the SG are asked to submit their expression of interest which consists of a CV and a short position statement (e.g. one paragraph) to the chair of the current SG by 30th April 2023. New members will be selected by the current SG in May and the new SG is expected to start in the summer of 2023. We want the SG to be representative of the diversity of DCASE community, and therefore encourage participation of members from industry and academia from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, including diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, seniority, academic discipline and geographical location. We believe that broad representation in leadership strengthens our community.