DCASE2018 Challenge evaluation datasets available

, Toni Heittola

Evaluation datasets

Evaluation datasets for all tasks of the DCASE2018 Challenge are now available. They can be accessed through task description pages:

Submission system

At the same time, submission system for the challenge submissions has been opened.

Before submitting, please read carefully the submission instructions about constructing the submission package. The submission package should contain system outputs, meta information to describe the system, and technical report.

Public leaderboards

For three tasks, there is a public leaderboard available for participants to test their systems before submitting to the DCASE2018 Challenge.

Task 1, Acoustic scene classification

A Match Task 1 Subtask A Leaderboard

B Mismatch Task 1 Subtask B Leaderboard

C External Task 1 Subtask C Leaderboard

Task 2, General-purpose audio tagging of Freesound content with AudioSet labels

Task 2
Kaggle competition

Task 3, Bird audio detection

Birds Task 3 Bird Audio Detection challenge leaderboard