DCASE2019 Challenge Task1 leaderboards launched

, Toni Heittola

Public leaderboards have been launched for all three subtasks in task 1 of DCASE2019 Challenge. The leaderboards are organized through Kaggle InClass competitions, and they are meant to serve as a development tool for participants during the development.

A Match Task 1 Subtask A Leaderboard

B Mismatch Task 1 Subtask B Leaderboard

C OpenSet Task 1 Subtask C Leaderboard

The official DCASE challenge submission will not be done through these Kaggle InClass competitions.

Due to Kaggle / US Government policy, people who are residents of certain countries (Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Sudan) are unable to participate in the Kaggle competitions (see Kaggle terms, section 7 What are the rules for competitions on Kaggle?). As DCASE is committed to open science open to everybody, in case these Kaggle restrictions are preventing you from using the Kaggle based leaderboard during the development, please contact task 1 organizers and we will provide similar service outside Kaggle.