• Be sure to read the technical report explaining the challenge motivation, datasets, and metrics
  • Be sure to read the specifications for the tasks you will be participating
  • Develop your system(s) using the publicly available challenge datasets. You can use the metrics functions to test your system's performance.
  • Write an extended abstract outlining what your submission is trying to accomplish (links below)
  • Verify that your code works using the AASP Challenge Linux System Image (for non-Matlab submissions)
  • Confirm your participation to the challenge via email by 31st March 2013
  • Submit your code and extended abstract using either email or via a download link by 14th April 2013
  • Present a poster at the challenge poster session at WASPAA 2013

Extended Abstract

The extended abstracts provide the outside world with a general understanding of what each submission is trying to accomplish. The extended abstracts need NOT be cutting edge/never-before-published materials. Participants are encouraged to submit novel work as a regular paper at the WASPAA 2013 conference.

The extended abstracts can be revised by the authors after the results have been announced. We will post the final versions of the extended abstracts in the challenge website. The challenge abstracts:

  • Should be 2-3 pages long
  • Must conform to the guidelines in the provided templates.
  • Must be submitted in PDF format.
  • Can include references to other publications about your work (if existing)


Latex template (279 KB)
Word template (70 KB)