Submissions must include output of the system for the test set and a technical report. The technical report can be the same as your submission to DCASE2016 Workshop (please indicate this in your submission email).

Participants must submit the results and the technical report by emailing them to by latest on 7th July 2016.

System output

Participants must submit the results for the test data. Examples for formatting the output for the different tasks are given below.

Submitted system outputs will be published on-line on the DCASE2016 website later to allow future evaluations.

Task 1: Acoustic scene classification

Single text-file (in CSV format) containing classification result for each audio file in the evaluation set. Result items can be in any order. Format:

[filename (string)][tab][scene label (string)]

Example task1_results.txt file

audio/178.wav    residential_street
audio/62.wav     office
audio/261.wav    home

Task 2: Sound event detection in synthetic audio

One should submit single .txt file per evaluated audio recording. The output file should contain a list of detected events, specified by the onset, offset and the event ID separated by a tab. Format:

[event onset in seconds (float)][tab][event offset in seconds (float)][tab][event ID (string)]

Example task2_results.txt file

1.387392290    3.262403627    pageturn
5.073560090    5.793378684    knock

There should be no additional tab characters anywhere, and there should be no whitespace added after the label, just the newline. The 11 event IDs to be used for the .txt output are: clearthroat, cough, doorslam, drawer, keyboard, keys, knock, laughter, pageturn, phone, speech.

Task 3: Sound event detection in real life audio

Single text-file (in CSV format) per evaluated scene (home and residential area), each file containing detected sound event from each audio file. Events can be in any order. Format:

[filename (string)][tab][event onset time in seconds (float)][tab][event offset time in seconds (float)][tab][event label (string)]

Example task3_results_home.txt file

audio/home/a029.wav     1.0000    2.8000    dishes
audio/home/a029.wav     0.0000    0.2000    object impact
audio/home/a033.wav     4.0000    4.1000    cutlery

Example task3_results_residential_area.txt file

audio/residential_area/a009.wav     4.0000    4.1000    car passing by
audio/residential_area/a008.wav     0.0000    0.2000    bird singing
audio/residential_area/a008.wav     1.0000    2.8000    people speaking

Task 4: Domestic audio tagging

Single text file (in CSV format) containing a classification score for each label class and for each audio chunk in the evaluation set. No particular ordering is required for rows in the CSV file. Format:

[filename (string)],[label (string)],[classification score (float)]

Example task4_results.txt file


Technical report

Reports should be maximum 5 pages (can be shorter), including all text, figures, and references, with the last page containing only references. The provided template has to be used (either Latex or Word template below). The technical report shares the template with DCASE2016 Workshop.

For participants taking part in multiple tasks, one technical report covering all tasks is sufficient. In case the submitted systems for different tasks differ enough, multiple technical reports can be submitted, one per task submission.

The report should contain sufficient description of the system and report results obtained with provided cross-validation setup. Extensive literature review or related work sections are not required.

If you submit a paper to the DCASE2016 workshop based on your challenge submission system, you can use same paper as technical report and submit it with results.

The report will be published online along with the results on the DCASE2016 website.


Latex template (279 KB)
Word template (70 KB)


The results and the technical report should be emailed to before the submission deadline. The deadline for the submission is 7th July 2016. You will receive a confirmation once we have verified the details listed below.

Information required in the submission email:

  • Authors and their affiliations
  • Corresponding author (including email address)
  • Name that you prefer your system to be called. If not supplied, we will use [Lastname of corresponding author]_2016.
  • Preferred abbreviation of the submitted system. This will be used in the results tables. E.g. you can use the institution name or lastname of the corresponding author. If not supplied, we will use [Lastname of corresponding author]_2016.
  • Indicate if the same document has been submitted to the DCASE2016 workshop as a regular paper.

Files required in the submission email:

  • Technical report in PDF format; in case of submitting task specific reports, indicate this in the prefix of the report filename (e.g. task1_report.pdf).
  • System outputs in specified format; please indicate clearly which file is for which task (e.g. task1_results.txt)