Challenge submission consists in submission package (one zip-package) containing system outputs and system meta information, and one technical report (pdf file). The technical report can be submitted also as a scientific paper to the DCASE2018 Workshop.

Submission process shortly:

  1. Participants run their system with evaluation dataset, and produce the system output in specified format. Participants are allowed to submit 4 different system outputs per task or subtask.
  2. Participants create a meta information file to go along the system output to describe the system used to produce this particular output. Meta information file has a predefined format to help the automatic handling of the challenge submissions. Information provided in the meta file will be later used to produce challenge results.
  3. Participants describe their system in a technical report in sufficient detail while using provided template.
  4. Participants prepare the submission package (zip-file). The submission package contains system outputs, maximum 4 per task, and systems meta information.
  5. Participants submit the submission package and the technical report to DCASE2018 Challenge.

Details of the submission process will be announced later.

Submission package

Participants are instructed to pack their system output(s) and system meta information into one zip-package. Exact format of this package will be announced later.

Technical report

All participants are expected to submit a technical report about the submitted system, to help the DCASE community better understand how the algorithm works.

Technical reports are not peer-reviewed. The technical reports will be published on the challenge website together with all other information about the submitted system. For the technical report it is not necessary to follow closely the scientific publication structure (for example there is no need for extensive literature review). The report should however contain sufficient description of the system.

Please report the system performance using the provided cross-validation setup or development set, according to the task. For participants taking part in multiple tasks, one technical report covering all tasks is sufficient.

Authors have the possibility to update their technical report to include the challenge evaluation results.

Participants can also submit the same report as a scientific paper to DCASE 2018 Workshop. In this case, the paper must respect the structure of a scientific publication, and be prepared according to the provided Workshop paper instructions. Please report the system performance using the provided cross-validation setup or development set, according to the task. Scientific papers will be peer-reviewed.


Reports are in format 4+1 pages. Papers are maximum 5 pages, including all text, figures, and references, with the 5th page containing only references. The template is the same for the technical report and DCASE2018 Workshop papers.

Templates will be released later.