Challenge submission consists in submission package (one zip-package) containing system outputs, system meta information, and technical report (pdf file).

Submission process shortly:

  1. Participants run their system with evaluation dataset, and produce the system output in specified format. Participants are allowed to submit 4 different system outputs per task or subtask (except in Task2, where participants are allowed to submit 3).
  2. Participants create a meta information file to go along the system output to describe the system used to produce this particular output. Meta information file has a predefined format to help the automatic handling of the challenge submissions. Information provided in the meta file will be later used to produce challenge results.
  3. Participants describe their system in a technical report in sufficient detail. There is a template provided for the technical report.
  4. Participants prepare the submission package (zip-file). The submission package contains system outputs, maximum 4 per task, systems meta information and the technical report.
  5. Participants submit the submission package and the technical report to DCASE2020 Challenge.

Please read carefully the requirements for the files included in the submission package!

More information provided once evaluation datasets have been published.