DCASE 2019 Challenge will offer awards for open-source and innovative methods. These awards are meant to encourage open science and reproducibility, and therefore the Reproducible System Award is directly based on these criteria. In addition, through our Judges’ Award we want to encourage novel and innovative approaches.

Each task will offer two awards (except Task 2 that offers prizes through Kaggle). These awards aim to encourage participants to openly publish their code, and to use novel and problem-specific approaches, and are therefore not directly based on the evaluation set performance ranking. We also highly encourage student authorship.


Open source Award

Reproducible system award

Reproducible system award of 500 USD will be offered for the highest scoring method that is open-source and fully reproducible. For full reproducibility, the authors must provide all the information needed to run the system and achieve the reported performance. The choice of licence is left to the author, but should ideally be selected among the ones approved by the Open Source Initiative.

Judges Award

Judges’ award

Judges’ award of 500 USD will be offered for the method considered by the judges to be the most interesting or innovative. Criteria considered for this award include but are not limited to: originality, complexity, student participation, open-source, etc. Single model approaches are strongly preferred over ensembles; occasionally, small ensembles of different models can be considered, if the approach is innovative.


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